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Calendar - Iven

Calendar - Iven

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I created these Mental Health Coloring Pages to inspire introspection and dialogue about the illustrated mental health topics. Acknowledging your challenges and talking about them is the first step towards improving your mental health. Knowing how difficult it can be to talk about trauma, inspired me to create this tool for you. I draw what ever I read about mental health or simply get inspiration through my work as a counsellor to illustrate common mental challenges.

My Mental Health Coloring Pages are a perfect tool for anyone working with people, or anybody who likes to color something different.

They are great conversation starters, and might even tell you a bit about what someone is going through. Illustrating and acknowledging our adversities can help us heal when we start talking about them. This low-barrier resource will let you harness the introspective power of art in your practice, saving you valuable time and facilitating meaningful interactions when talking is difficult.

How to use these colouring pages:

The missing features on faces, patterns on clothes, empty thought and speech bubbles are an opportunity for the artist to express their creativity, personal feelings and beliefs. “But what if I can’t draw?” These colouring pages include pre-drawn features AND blank creative spaces to make art therapy accessible to artists of all skill levels.

As an owner of these colouring pages, you may reproduce them for your practice with your discretion. I always appreciate your support, and if you use my work in your practice, I would like to hear how it goes!

Since this is my first published colouring book, your feedback would be very appreciated. I would like to know about your experience– what worked, or what didn't– to improve my next edition. Thank you!

Kindly, iveno

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