Roller Refill 4"

Roller Refill 4"

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So you’ve got the right paint…now it’s time to choose the right tools for your project to ensure the finish you wish to achieve.

A roller applies the paint seamlessly and evenly for a virtually flawless finish quickly.

We love using a roller for larger sized projects with flat surfaces such as tabletops or kitchen cabinets and then get into any of the smaller areas with the angled synthetic brush.

Our top tip is applying first with a roller, and then immediately a few seconds after, taking a slightly damp (with paint) brush (but nearly dry) running along the surface to smooth out any stippling. Sometimes rollers can leave a slight texture behind. Our Microfiber rollers leave virtually nothing behind!

Tip: We do not recommend using foam rollers as they can introduce air bubbles in your paint and also waste paint.

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